Which countries do we ship to?
Currently ONLY in the UAE 
(SOON )GGC Countries & India.

How long does it take for the order to get delivered?
UAE – 3-4 Business days

(Coming Soon) GCC & India . 

Are there any additional charges for delivery?
UAE- No. Once you make a payment online there will be no additional charges .

(Coming Soon) GCC - There might be a  local clearance charges applied at the destination country which is not covered by My Fair Curl. You might need to pay this upfront while collecting your order.

What are the different modes of making a payment?

Only 1 Option :  Debit or Credit Card


What all is included in the prices?

The prices listed include the cost of the product, import shipment charges, customs duties. GST (Different for different countries) & Shipping fee would be charged at checkout page.


How are these products lower priced than on other e-commerce websites?

My Fair Curl has direct distribution relationship with manufacturers and procures products at special prices and in large volumes, thereby getting them to you at economical prices

 Why are some brands more expensive than others?

The prices are linked to the cost at which each brand wants to sell their products. The prices may vary depending on the size of the product. You can find the sizes with the Product Names.

Are products sold My Fair Curl original products?
All our products are originals, sourced directly from the manufacturers or authorized distribution channels. Also we take pride in being the authorized distributors for brands including Jessicurl, Curl Keeper, Eco Slay , Mysiogne, Zazzy Bands, Bounce Curl and many many more.

Are our products only for Curly Hair?
No, our products are suitable for anyone who wants to maintain healthy hair routine, but our styling products are specifically crafted to wavy, curly, coily and kinky hair.

How much each ounce mentioned in the size refers to?
The actual product sizes may vary a little than these measurements.
2Oz - 59.15ml, 4Oz - 118.30ml, 6Oz - 177.44 ml, 8Oz - 236.88ml, 10Oz - 295.70ml