Something Needs To Change

I was born Curly and I was called Cute !

I grew to be a confused curly and I was called Lucy !

I always looked up to girls who had straight hair thinking I wish !

And the phase came….where I experimented with perms, with straightening and nothing lasted. Everything was temporary. I then discovered this wonderful soul at a famous salon in Bandra (Mumbai), he is now a celebrity hairstylist. He actually made me feel that I had good hair and all I needed to do is learn how to maintain it. So he gave me a good haircut and taught me the way to use a leave in conditioner, this was in 2010. Since then I have actually learnt to embrace my natural curls. But here too, I was having good hair days only on my wash days.

After a lot of stalking and reading a few Instagram handles my learning started and I discovered the  Curly Girl Method in April 2019 and its been extremely rewarding ever since. I started with a very conservative approach because you cant believe everything you see on SM right! I started with basic products available in drugstores and close by. I kid you not, I have seen my hair change in a week ! In 3 weeks I was shooting slow-mo videos of my hair! 

14 months into CG and after a whole lot of trials and errors, there are few tips and tricks that I would love to share with you if you are starting your CG journey:

  • There is something called as TRANSITION period. You may not necessarily see the results immediately. Your hair has been through a lot, it needs time to detox. Have PATIENCE.
  • This is a process which needs your passion, it is not going to happen just by using products. You need to focus on the techniques as well.
  • You need to discover yourself what’s good for you through trials and errors.
  • Please read and save the articles or posts. I still go back to a lot of my saved posts to understand the process.
  • You will not know everything when you start. You will gradually get a hang of it. Don’t get bothered if you don’t understand complicated topics like protein and moisture balance. I have understood it maybe 7 or 8 months post starting CG.
  • Do not, please do not hoard yourself with products. Start with a conservative approach to understand what works for you. I still do not buy everything I see. But that’s me. Also when I started I wasn’t lucky enough to have dedicated curly stores like My Fair Curl.
  • You should invest in a silk or satin sleeping bonnet or a silk pillow case. You need to feel like a queen from day 1 ! Your hair will thank you for it soon.
  • The other thing worth investing in is a styling brush when you start. They are magic for beginners.
  • Have a routine, a schedule for your wash days, this will bring in consistency.
  • Take NOTES Of your wash day routine, it will help you to understand what works and what doesn’t. What combination of stylers work, how long does your wash day last etc. I have made a comprehensive checklist that if you want you could refer to. Check my highlights on my Instagram account for the checklist available.
  • Take pics of your hair, crown area, sides, back, front, scalp hairline and save it… will progress with each wash day and you will want to see it.
  • Follow your favorite hairigicians (curly hair bloggers) for tips and tutorials. Try and follow the bloggers with your similar hair type to understand the techniques that can work.
  • Go for regular hair cuts
  • Take care of your scalp with oil and scalp massages. What you sow is what you reap.
  • Ask questions! I remember I used to bother this one particular blogger each time I got stuck and she was so supportive throughout.
  • If a product doesn’t work for you in the first time, don’t rule it out. You should try the product more than couple of times to actually say it doesn’t work. Most of the time, it’s the quantity or the technique used that may not be right.

You will and you should compare your hair and how it responds. You need to be your own benchmark and this is how it has to start.

I have 10 chapters listed on my Instagram page which is a complete guide for any Beginner. Please reach out to me on Instagram dubai_curlee if you want any other help to begin your journey.

Leena Relan is a curly hair influencer and guest blogger for My Fair Curl. Follow her journey on Instagram here or her IG handle is dubai_curlee
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