OMMMMM! a.k.a the humble oil massage



Stimulate your scalp

Aids in Hair growth

Reduces stress

Reduces Hair fall


S-O-T-C (scrunch out the crunch {cast})


Pre-wash Detangler

Scalp conditioner

    Video Credit- Ayesha Mallik  telling us how she wished she had listened to her mum growing up to oil her hair!

    WHY ? Other than being a super calming process – scalp massages promote blood circulation. Just as a face massage helps in rejuvenation by stimulating cellular activity, a scalp massage can help by increasing the direct supply of nutrients to the hair follicles. Thereby nourishing hair strands inside out.

    HOW ? Just as you would with your face before applying a mask (somehow people don’t think of their scalps in the same way…) start by washing your hands + any other tool you plan to use ( scalp massagers can be really effective). Some people like to use warm (not HOT) oil as it is believed that this help in easier absorption. Warm oil can open the pores in the scalp. Take a few drops, rub it into the palm and fingertips. Now surely but slowly massage it in using circular motions.

    HOW OFTEN ? Every day - if you like the way it feels. It can be relaxing - almost stress relieving! If you cannot do it every day, regularly use it as much as you can. Build into your routine!

    Our favorite Oils:

    Jessicurl Oil Blend for Softer Hair : This is a simple blend of oils that can be used in so many ways.  Oils add softness and shine. The perfect ratio of oil blends - not super heavy but enough. A little goes a long way!

    Curls - Blueberry & Mint Tea Hair Growth & Scalp Treatment :Formulated with certified organic blueberry seed oil, corn mint and coconut oil proven to enhance hair growth, soothe and refresh dry, itchy scalp, and relieve itching. Stimulating scalp treatment used to combat dandruff, relieve itching, refresh the scalp, prevent dryness, and encourage hair growth at the follicle level.

    Ecoslay Moonshine Oil: Jojoba is the base oil of this amazing concoction! Scented with cinnamon, orange lemongrass and ginger essential oil, this blend of avocado, argan, sweet almond and castor supports outstanding moisture retention for your hair and skin!

    Curls - Blueberry Bliss Hair Growth Oil: Did you know that Blueberry Extract is proven to repair and restore damaged hair, prevent breakage, and increase hair growth? Formulated with certified organic Blueberry Extract, Pomegranate Seed, Argan and Gardenia Flower Oil PROVEN to GROW, REPAIR, PROTECT, and RESTORE damaged tresses.


    DISCLAIMER - The recommendations in this post are only that - Recommendations. Prior to starting anything new, we encourage you to test it and take a measured approach.






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