#Bipoccurlies An interview Mathu aka curlymathu

We are so excited to interview Mathu aka curlymathu .

As many of you might know Mathu is the creator of #Bipoccurlies . We caught up with her to understand her motivation behind this movement and where she gets her inspiration.  

Tell us a bit about– your curly hair what made you start?

My journey into the curly world, began when my hair was continuously shedding after the birth of my daughter. I noticed I was in a vicious cycle involving a blow dryer and a straightener and I wanted to show my hair some love. After a family wedding where I straightened it, I felt like that was the last time I was going to do that as a ritual and that is that!

There are pictures of me from when I was super young with curly hair although I don’t really remember those days, I look at those pics and think what childhood would’ve looked like with the curly girl method.


What brought about #Bipoccurlies?

#Bipoccurlies started as a result of understanding why certain life experiences played out the way they did. It started in me , understanding that I had a choice, here and now, to either do what the majority do which is to sign some petitions, turn up here and there to something and shop local and shop bipoc. But it did not seem like enough. I wanted to do something to shine a real light on stories. Stories from races- black, indigenous and people of color, until I no longer need a box or label to put us in. Till then #Bipoccurlies was born. 

Where do you see #Bipoccurlies go from here?

I see #Bipoccurlies going far and wide, reaching as many people and organizations as possible

I see it steering racial equality and being an example of change. I want to see all brands and people that come across me to want to do things differently

Last but not the least tell us something about yourself not widely known?

I am a massive fan of hot chocolate and have been known to travel to find the best hot chocolates in any country/town I visit!

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