The Journey Within

They say, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

From the time I could remember growing up in the UAE, and as a young girl with a ton of frizz and unruly hair, I watched ads on the tv that depicted the epitome of a women’s beauty was having long, silky straight hair.

And that’s what I aspired to have, to be, to want. Long silky straight hair, far from the realms of frizz and frump.

Only thing was, the hair I was born with didn’t look anything like that. So what did I do?

I resorted to buying all sorts of shampoos to achieve that look, flat ironing my hair for decades, taking hair growth supplements, indulging into chemically straightening my hair, and then onto wearing hair extensions to look and feel like the women on tv.

Did I look the same way? Yes I did. But did I feel the same way? No.

Upto very recently, I started noticing my hairline thinning, my scalp being very visible, my hair growth stagnating. I was terrified of loosing my fine, scanty hair and I feared the worst.

On the verge of visiting a hair doctor to address my concerns, I ran into a friend who after hearing my rant, introduced me to the curly girl method.

A method of taking care of your natural hair, without the use of direct high heat, avoiding harmful chemicals, pulling and tugging on those follicles, letting my hair be what it was meant to BE.

I took that single step to research, read, google, join multiple facebook groups, first as a silent observer, until I took the plunge.

A plunge so deep, so liberating, so emancipating- to accept and love my hair in its natural state.

It takes one step.

*Sadaf is a curly hair INFLUENCER and a guest blogger for My Fair Curl !
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